The Essence of Premium Appliance Technology from Germany, CASO Design


Caso Design Introduction

  • The leader in smart kitchen

    CASO Design is the first brand to propose the fusion of the kitchen and daily life through mobile devices. To reflect the rapidly changing lifestyles in their products, CASO Design has been combining cutting-edge technology and trends. With 70 years of tradition, CASO Design continues to showcase sustainable innovation through its youthful and dynamic approach.

  • The best solution for fresh ingredients

    Fine dining starts with fresh ingredients, and CASO Design has developed optimal solutions such as fresh sealing technology and 360-degree wine cooling to maintain the best conditions for high-quality ingredients.

  • Exquisite design that elevates the interior

    CASO Design has been showcasing beautiful designs that never go out of style for the past 70 years. Their products, with elegant black color, luxurious metal material, and clean lines, add sophistication to everyday life and perfectly harmonize with any space.

  • Strict quality control

    CASO Design maintains high-quality standards through regular internal evaluations and external evaluations by reputable organizations such as Stiftung Warentest and Haus & Garten. These organizations have certified the quality of CASO Design's products.